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The Conceit of A.I.

I May Be Wrong About This, But…

A Kind of Certainty: Bibliography

A Kind of Certainty: V. Fleeting Uncertainty

A Kind of Certainty: IV. A Kind of Faith

A Kind of Certainty: III. A Scripture of Truth

A Kind of Certainty: II. Curriculum, or What You Will

A Kind of Certainty: I. An Uncertain Faith

Play’s the Thing…

Teaching Open-Mindedly in the Post-Truth Era (Updated: June 9, 2018)

Development and Learning: Part II – Youth Football

Development vs Winning: Actually, There Is No Such Thing

Umm, This. (Updated: April 28, 2018)

Here’s Why. Here’s Precisely Why

From The New York Times – “Free Speech and the Necessity of Discomfort” and further Reflections on Journalism

Deciding over Derrida’s Différance

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