From Independent Speculator – Self-Conceding ‘Gold Bug’ Lobo Tiggre’s Monition: “Today’s Mountain of Debt is NOT like WWII’s”

“… whatever you do, don’t forget about the mountain of debt the world is taking on, encouraged by central bankers who say that money supply doesn’t matter.” – Lobo Tiggre (from Independent Speculator, April 26, 2021)

An article about our economy – specifically, its debt, induced by Keynesians – written by someone who’s more an Austrian (my characterisation of him, not his). As ever, make your own judgments.

Author: Scott Robertson

Scott is a Canadian school teacher, a doctoral candidate in Education, an avid gardener, and a football (soccer) coach. He is also a Dad. Scott worked in high school classrooms for 17 years, teaching mostly Secondary English. He describes learning as a continual renovation: intentional self-reflection aimed at personal growth, alongside people who share similar aims. At the core of his lessons is personal responsibility, an approach to living with integrity by adopting the habit of thinking. It's a blend of philosophy, literature, grammar, history, and science, all tied in a bundle by classical rhetoric. His students often described his approach to be unlike others they knew—mostly in a good way—which prepared them for post-secondary school and adulthood, citizenship, and whatever else. Outside the classroom, Scott has been coaching football (soccer) since 1990 and still enjoys playing, too, except when he’s too injured—then he tries to play golf instead.

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